Dealership Opportunities

Quik-Post Systems offers you an outstanding chance to own your own real estate sign post sales and installation dealership. You will have the freedom to own your own business in a rapidly growing market. To join America's fastest growing vinyl real estate sign post sales, service and installation business professionals. CALL NOW 1-833-222-7411

• The sign post installation business is a fast growing dynamic market.

• Our product line offers a premium alternative to traditional wood and metal posts and is your best value in today's market.

• Our business model allows you to invest in launching your business and generating sales, not in substantial franchise fees.

• We provide assistance with initial set-up, product knowledge, marketing and sales, installation and customer service, as well as initial and on-going business consulting, training, and support.

• Our flexible business model allows you to pursue this opportunity as an owner/operator, or as an investor with a professional management team in place to run your business on a day to day basis.

• Although previous real estate installation experience and/or existing relationships with brokers is a plus, we have seen successes without both.

• We only offer a limited number of dealership licenses per state. This is not a franchise, but rather a dealership, giving you rights within a specific territory to embark on sales and installation services. In this dealership partnership, Quik-Post Systems will provide complete but limited support to assist you in developing and growing your business.

• Estimated start-up costs for 100-200 posts, equipment, hardware, software and licensing for this turnkey operation will be between $15,000.00 and $22,000 with 80-90% of the investment in physical assets, see Sample Package Link. (That does not include a web site design or a installation truck). This business should begin to generate positive cash flow within the first few months of operations.

• The estimated annual income for a post company can vary for such things as post renewal fees, charging for both post installation and removal, equipment sales, and the current rates for installations we can predict as follows.

  • Estimated gross revenue for a 1500-3000 post business $250,000-$400,000
  • Estimated gross revenue for a 5000-10,000 post business $600,000-1,300,000

So, who are we? And, why start your business with us?

You can feel comfortable knowing that Quik-Post Systems, LLC. is the proprietary manufacturer of this product line in the world. So, you will always purchase product directly from us, the manufacturer. Since 1994, our company has been engaged in the design and development of countless new successful products made for a handful of businesses and entrepreneurs. Our customers goals have been met 100% of the time, and they will tell you that "we say what we do, and do what we say". Remember, our commitment to your success is key to ours.

Join America's fastest growing vinyl real estate sign post sales, service and installation business professionals. CALL NOW 1-833-222-7411

Why use the Quik-Post Systems product line to start your own sign post installation business?

  • Our products are tested and proven in the field every day by our installers.
  • You won’t lose inventory due to rotting, rusting, warping, or termites.
  • Installers are able to install 3 times the work volume of your competitors.
  • Our software maintains and runs the majority of your business with less office personnel.
  • The online order system allows you to collect your money up front.

Start your business despite established competition, we started our installation service with approximately 20 other competitors and saw success from the first 3 months in business, by the end of our 3 year mark we had made over 850 new customers that generated approximately 700 installations per month.

We can provide support through all phases of your business including help creating sound strategy for a successful end.

Your company will provide a new look for the real estate market in your territory and will carry a product line that your competitors won’t have accesses to, but your customers will want.

Recommended Start-up Package

The following packages have been developed to allow you to provide your customers a wide array of product selections. Everything that has been selected for this package is currently being used, and been proven successful.

Following the purchase of a start-up package, all products will be made available individually, although some items are available only when purchased at minimum quantities, i.e. Arm Posts are available only in 100 item blocks.

Each recommendation is at your own discretion; any particular item can be swapped for an alternative, or excluded entirely.

With the exception of an installation truck and a working web site this package is everything needed to transport, install and remove posts in a protected territory. The software is web and server based, your customer’s data is stored on our server, after you have started we give a 4 month grace period before we charge a hosting fee of $185.00 per month. Primarily you are paying for equipment, software, a territory agreement and monthly hosting for your data base of customers and posts. We are similar to a franchise, but for two issues: fee’s and business model structure. Aside from contractual issues, your business is your business, you run it as to your preferences, not ours. Then... With a dealership, you invest in product which builds your brand.

Package (A) 100

Qty Description Qty Description
10 4' Arm Post / White paint 100 6' Arm Post / White paint
Sample Group:
1 4' Double Post (white) 1 6' Double Post (white)
1 3' Single Post (white) 1 4' Single Post (white)
2 Wall Spyder 5 Single Ring Post Cap
2 Double Ring Post Cap 2 Double Ring Cabana Cap
100 Stake 20 Long Stake
100 Rider Attachments 6 Stand
600 Quik-Rings 2 Lock Key
4 Removal Pin 1 22lb Slide Hammer
1 45lb Slide Hammer 1 Truck Rack
1 Online Ordering/Payment Processing System/Program (See "Dealer Q&A" Section: Methods for receiving orders/payments)
1 Finalizing dealership agreement
  Approximate Total Startup Cost $23,000.00